About Us

Good Ole Days was dreamed up about 12yrs ago when I was in college. Starting a business seemed overwhelming at the time, so the idea was sidelined while I focused on my career. Over those 12yrs I would write down notes on what I wanted this brand to represent, the look and feel and so on. This past year I decided it was finally time to build this monster I've been dreaming up for over a decade. 

I was born into a racing family (The photo above is my dad, he was a professional flat track racer). I was on two wheels at the age of 2 and from a very early age, I gained a serious obsession with all things motorsports. Like many of us growing up, I constantly heard stories from my dad and his buddies about the good ole days of racing, whether it be motorcycle, drag, nascar, you name it. As I got older I started looking into this era that my pops and his buddies would talk about, after a little bit of searching around, it hit me, this truly was a special time in motorsports history. From the 1960s-1990s motorsports went through insane progression. New technology, better engineering, more performance, all of these things played a role in this weird time period. It seemed like the rule book couldn’t keep up with how quickly the machines progressed. 

The 1960s-1990s were truly a special time in motorsports history, and we feel this is the Good Ole Days of motorsports. I wanted to build a brand that would shine light on this era and be as authentic as possible. I’m not someone hopping on the bandwagon selling cool vintage t-shirts to make some fast money. I eat, sleep, and breathe all things motorsports, this is a passion fueled business. I want to build something that gets everyone excited about this wild era in motorsports. With that being said, thank you again for following along and supporting this little dream of mine, here’s to the Good Ole Days!